Frequently Asked Questions

What does RhoTau Pharma Services, LLC do?
RhoTau Pharma Services LLC is a pharmaceutical and regulatory science consulting company focused on providing its clients with value-added solutions that help speed their products to market, as well as helping clients achieve their business goals. Through strategic and tactical implementation assistance, we help our clients to capitalize on their product’s life cycle potential.

How do we do this?
We satisfy aspects of our client’s need to create safe and effective drugs in response to market requirements.
We make the development cycle a platform for fulfilling regulatory requirements.
We focus on pharmaceutical technology and manufacturing during the drug development cycle.
We manage the drug development cycle such that scale-up, technology transfer, site transfers and validation are all components of the development continuum.

Who are RhoTau Pharma Services, LLC clients?
RhoTau Pharma Services LLC clients range from small start-up to large, global pharmaceutical organizations. Primary industries served include biotechnology/biologicals, pharmaceutical, generic, over-the-counter, nutraceuticals, medical device and combination products companies. Key service areas supported are drug development, operations, regulatory affairs and cGMP compliance.

Describe a RhoTau Pharma Service, LLC expert.
A RhoTau Pharma Services LLC expert is an individual with unique knowledge who uses his/her extensive industry experience to help our clients with solutions to their product development challenges. Their depth and breadth of skills brings added value to the product delivery paradigm.

What is RhoTau Pharma Services, LLC history?
Established in 2013 by Robert J. Timko, RPH, PhD. Dr. TImko has over 35 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the areas of dosage form development, technology transfer, manufacturing scale up, production troubleshooting, project management, and regulatory affairs. He has a particular technical interest in the area of solid dosage forms and the physical pharmacy associated with them.